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Search results: “design”

Search results: “design”

  • Spirograph Art Set

    The Spirograph Art Set is the classic way to create countless amazing designs. The precision engineered Spirograph gears work with the 3 design pens included in the set as well as with most standard pens, markers and pencils.

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  • World’s Largest Sailing Ship

    The Orient Express legend continues with the unveiling of the world’s largest sailing ship. The Orient Express Silenseas. Not set to sail until 2026 this goliath of the sea is revolutionary and the journey will be amazing.

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  • Hairy Chest Hoodie

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this funny Hairy Chest Hoodie is the item for you. The hoodie is hairy front and back and people will be doing plenty of double-takes as you strut past, looking all cool and such.

    Check It Out $69.84
  • Gatling Gun Bubble Machine

    The Gatling Gun Bubble Machine produces countless bubbles instantly. These will turn any event into party time as you instantly make everyone smile.. until a bubble pops in their eye and they start screaming. But until then, yay!

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  • Upside Down Beer Glass

    “Bottoms up” with this cool upside down beer glass. Now you can drink straight out of the bottle with Genuine Fred’s Hopside Down glass. This hand-blown, double-walled glass features a clever inverted bottle design perfect for enjoying a cold one with friends!

    Check It Out $11.95
  • Jean Overalls For Dogs

    Your pooch can now be chic af with these Jean Overalls for Dogs. This adorable look will mean that your pawfect friend will always make an impression and receive lots of strokes and compliments.

    Check It Out $25.95
  • Home Arcade Machine

    Play classic arcade games when you want with this popular Home Arcade Machine. Just step right up to the counter and play away. Bringing popular classics such as Marvel Super Heroes, Mortal Combat, Pac-Man and more.

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  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

    This Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set consists of three drinking cups that shaped like your favorite 3 keyboard keys. This is a great gift for the computer nerd who loves their coffee. These cool cups are also great for dipping sauces.

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  • Waterfall Kitchen Sink

    This elegant Stainless Steel Waterfall Kitchen Sink is the sink of your dreams. This multifunctional kitchen sink is handcrafted with advanced nanotechnology and is perfection for the chef of the house.

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  • The Forever Lighter

    Get rid of all of your normal lighters because the Forever Lighter is here! This personal never-ending fire starter works like magic! Starting a fire is quick and easy with this smoke-less match. You can even use it indoors.

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  • Shape Shifting Box

    Shashibo is the best selling award winning shape shifting box that will keep him entertained for hours. This fidget cube features 36 rare strong earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes.

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  • The World’s First Foldable TV

    This Foldable TV is the TV of the future and you can get it right now. With a push of a button this TV opens up into a massive 165″ screen. The C SEED M1 foldable MicroLED TV is the Outdoor TV of your dreams.

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  • Wall Horror Hands

    These Wall Horror Hands will help turn your hallway into a fright fest. Can you imagine the frights that these scary hands will bring plus all the souls that they could trap.

    View Product on Etsy $9.85
  • Outdoor Ping Pong Table

    This Outdoor Ping Pong Table is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to add another level of difficulty to their ping pong games. You might need a big road to ride it on though.

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  • 3D Floor Murals

    These amazing 3D floor murals look great and are self-adhesive. They will turn any room in the home into a water fun zone.

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  • Viking Throwing Axe

    This hand forged Viking Throwing Axe has been constructed to last and designed to perform. Each hatchet features a hand-hammered head with sharpened edge and features a functional hammer poll with a hardened face.

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  • Wash Away the Gay Soap

    Reduce gayness by up to 69% with this Wash Away The Gay Soap.  Not yet out of the closet? Have to go back home to mommy and daddy for the weekend and afraid to let your freak flag fly? This extra straight strength soap can help! Gay be gone.

    Check It Out $10.00
  • Motorized Pool Lounger

    Lazing in the pool takes on a new meaning with the Motorized Pool Lounger. No longer will you have to get your hands wet to get to the shady side of the pool. That’s for peasants! Now you can just steer yourself there with the Splash Runner.

    Check It Out $229.99
  • Brightest Flashlight

    This brightest flashlight has 100,000 lumens which means that it will light up up to 1,350 metres away. Great for camping, caving, exploring, power outages or just to shine a light on your deepest, darkest secrets.

    Check It Out $669.95
  • Waterproof Socks

    Now you can laugh in the face of those puddles with these Waterproof Socks. Made from high-quality waterproof, breathable materials, these cool socks are perfect for walking, hiking, trekking and camping.

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  • Speak and Spell

    Speak and Spell was an 80s educational toy that was designed to help children learn to spell. They have to try to correctly spell over 200 commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer.

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  • Phone Card Holder

    This magnetic phone card holder is the ultimate in security for your cards and cash. This waterproof phone wallet has been designed to provide long lasting support and can hold up to 3 times your phones weight.

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  • Table Top Coin Pusher

    The Coin Pusher is now available at home 24/7 with this table top version. Bring the fun of the arcade into your games room, man cave or shed. Comes complete with coins and prizes.

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  • Assless Yoga Pants

    These assless yoga pants leave absolutely nothing up to the imagination!  They are basically designed to be worn in private. Whether it be for exercise or for something else. How they are worn is up to you.

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