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Search results: “rude memes”

Search results: “rude memes”

  • Homer Sponge Holder

    This Homer Sponge Holder is inspired by the popular meme from when Homer creepily backed his way into the bushes in Season 5. It’s the perfect way to show your love for memes and The Simpsons.

    View Product on Etsy $17.44
  • ‘I Would Like To Stop Swearing’ Magnet

    Anyone else tried to stop swearing but can’t?  This rude ‘I Would Like To Stop Swearing But I C*nt’ magnet is the perfect gift for that someone who likes a liberal dose of the C word.

    View Product $5.17
  • ‘Sniff My Nuts’ Funny Candle

    This Sniff My Nuts funny candle is just what your mates home needs. Despite its rude title it does have surprisingly delightful aroma.

    View Product on Etsy $18.01
  • F*ck Rug

    Classy up your home with the F*ck Rug. One of, if not the, greatest words ever devised. It can convey anger, amazement, joy, sadness and more. Now everytime you look down you have a cool rug that says what you are thinking.

    Check It Out $25.99
  • Penis Wine Decanter

    Take your classy dinner party to the next level with this Penis Wine Decanter. Just fill it with your favorite alcoholic drink of choice and then watch your guests faces as you fill up their glasses. Perfect for wine, whiskey or any liquor of your choice.

    Check It Out $74.95
  • The Big Book of Pussy

    The Big Book of Pussy is exactly what you think it is. This book highlights 100 years of photos of the pet that we all love to pet with no bothersome text to interrupt your ‘ahem’ reading. This is an exceptionally insightful book.

    Check It Out $14.73
  • Middle Finger Toilet Roll Holder

    You can now settle the “which way does the toilet paper go” debate once and for all with the middle finger toilet roll holder. It goes on top of course! This popular bathroom item comes in gold, silver, and copper.

    View Product on Etsy $119.99
  • Penis Blanket

    What can be said about the Penis Blanket? Yes, it does look like a todger, complete with balls. It is adult sized and well made. It even has a hood. Will it make people laugh? Absolutely!

    View Product $130.00
  • Penis Egg Fryer

    If you want to spice up breakfast time, then grab this Penis Egg Fryer and give your partner a giggle. This non-stick utensil is also great for other food items. The perfect tool for some kinky kitchen cuisine.

    View Product on Amazon $10.20
  • The Cock Cannon

    The Cock Cannon is a shocking schlong that will have them giggling. Inside this pretend cylinder is a huge projectile, complete with balls. It will launch itself into the face of anyone who releases it.

    View Product $24.99
  • Assless Yoga Pants

    These assless yoga pants leave absolutely nothing up to the imagination!  They are basically designed to be worn in private. Whether it be for exercise or for something else. How they are worn is up to you.

    View Product $69.00
  • Bag of F*cks

    If you have run out of f*cks to give then this bag of f*cks is the perfect gift. Send this sweet reminder to your loved one right to their door or hand them out just like Oprah!

    View Product on Etsy $9.00
  • F**k Off Socks

    Show the world how you feel with these F**k Off socks. Are you tired of that annoying colleague or irritating family member? Then just lift up those pants and let them know.

    View Product on Etsy $9.56
  • NSFW Action Figures

    Dan Polydoris is the creator of ‘Death By Toys’. He specializes in offensive but always hilarious action figures, tees and lunch box products. If you have a GSOH then check out some of his funniest NSFW toys.

    View More NSFW Toys $40.00
  • Weener Kleener

    Getting clean never felt so dirty with the Weener Kleener. Just be warned. Shower times may increase exponentially when using this cool soap.

    View Product $15.99
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