Ashley Graham Divulges Her Simple Beauty Secrets

Ashley Graham divulges her simple beauty secrets whilst flaunting her enviable curves in a black lace bodysuit by the stunning French coastline.

She recently shared that she has turned towards the traditional Chinese practice of Gua Sha. She sees it as an alternative to Botox. “I’ve seen so many girls do Gua Sha so wrong and I feel like I have the best teacher in the whole world,” she admitted. Graham was referring to Sandra Lanshin, who is not just a Gua Sha expert but also her acupuncturist.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing technique. It involves scraping the skin with a smooth-edged tool to stimulate blood flow, promote healing, and improve overall well-being. The term “Gua Sha” (pronounced “gwa shah”) translates to “scraping sand” in Chinese. It refers to the sand-like red, raised marks that can appear on the skin after the procedure.

Gua Sha

During a Gua Sha session, a practitioner applies massage oil or balm to the targeted area. They then use a rounded-edge tool made of various materials, such as jade, horn, or plastic, to repeatedly scrape the skin in a specific direction. The scraping motion creates friction, which stimulates circulation and brings stagnant blood close to the surface, facilitating its elimination.

Gua Sha is commonly used to relieve muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and improve lymphatic drainage. It is believed to release toxins from the body and promote the body’s natural healing processes. In traditional Chinese medicine, Gua Sha is used to treat various ailments. These include pain, stiffness, fever, respiratory issues, and more. Recently it has gained popularity as a wellness practice in various parts of the world.

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Who is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham is an American model, designer, and body positivity advocate. She was born on October 30, 1987, in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Ashley is a plus-size model and also promotes body diversity in the fashion industry.

Ashley Graham

Throughout her career, Ashley has broken barriers and challenged traditional beauty standards. She become one of the first plus-size models to achieve mainstream success. She has graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Ashley has also collaborated with various fashion brands. She has also launched her own lines of clothing and swimwear as well as promoting inclusive sizing and styles for women of all shapes and sizes.

Beyond her modeling work, Ashley Graham is an influential speaker and advocate for body acceptance and self-confidence. She uses her platform to empower women to embrace their bodies and challenge societal norms surrounding beauty and body image.

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