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Best Cool Gadgets in 2023

We source the best in cool gadgets daily. If you are looking for a cool gift for your partner, friend, pet or work colleague, then the DopeHamster has you covered. more

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Best Cool Gadgets in 2023

  • Working Dog Phone Charger

    Watch the pooch run hard with this working dog phone charger. This funny gift automatically starts running when you plug it into your phone. Touch the spot above the dog’s left arm to stop it from moving.

    Check It Out $16
  • Crap Strap

    The Crap Strap is the top accessory for doing a number 2 outdoors. Now you can feel confident and secure when you are in the woods and you need to take care of business. Easier and a lot more comfortable than hanging onto a tree.

    Check It Out $76
  • Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

    Never lose a glass of vino again with the outdoor wine glass holder. Now you can finally enjoy eating, reading, or concert viewing without the need to hold the wine glass in your lap or set on the ground.

    Check It Out $18
  • Mini Knife Set

    If you love miniature things, then this Mini Knife Set will make you go gaga. 6 different Damascus knives with red color wooden handle and their own cute little pouches. Very sharp and also comes in a very cool storage box.

    Check It Out $13
  • Deodorant For Life

    This deodorant for life is a game changer!  It is a refillable, reusable, washable deodorant applicator. It comes with a unique, natural ‘powder to liquid’ deodorant that is good for you and the planet. No more plastic waste!

    Check It Out $69
  • Fly a Jetpack

    Spend a day learning how to fly a Jetpack with the world’s only FAA certified jetpack instructor and qualified pilot Boris Jarry. You’ll do takeoffs, landings, hovering, forward, backwards and sideways flight.

    Check It Out $4,950
  • Robo Twist Jar Opener

    The future is here with the Robo Twist Jar Opener. No more straining muscles as the RoboTwist Jar Opener easily opens any jar automatically. Just put it on the jar, press the button and watch as the vice grips and twists off the lid. What next?!

    Check It Out $20
  • Survival Gear Kit

    The 11 in 1 survival gear kit is a very cool gift idea for someone who loves the outdoors. Campers, hikers, people who love fishing. This survival kit has everything they would need to get them out of any tricky situation.

    Check It Out $30
  • Motorized Pool Lounger

    Lazing in the pool takes on a new meaning with the Motorized Pool Lounger. No longer will you have to get your hands wet to get to the shady side of the pool. That’s for peasants! Now you can just steer yourself there with the Splash Runner.

    Check It Out $230
  • Wall Printer

    Stop painting wall murals and start printing them with this cool Vertical Wall Printer. A perfect tool if you fancy some cool 3D art for your wall at home or at your business and have a few grand spare.

    Check It Out $16,995
  • The Throttle Opener

    The Throttle Opener is a perfect gift for someone who loves beer and bikes. Engineered to last, this bottle opener adds nostalgia and fun to your beer drinking experience. Just twist the throttle, pop that top and enjoy a cold one!

    Check It Out $19
  • Sword Bookmarks

    Fantasy book lovers are going crazy for these cool Sword Bookmarks. These are perfect for vanquishing dragons and monsters that lurk within the pages of their books. They come in packs of silver or bronze.

    Check It Out $16
  • Millennium Falcon Charge Pad

    The Millennium Falcon Charge Pad is the perfect gift for the Star Wars nerd in your life. Just like the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, it may not look like much but it’s got it where it counts.

    Check It Out $40
  • Brightest Flashlight

    This brightest flashlight has 100,000 lumens which means that it will light up up to 1,350 metres away. Great for camping, caving, exploring, power outages or just to shine a light on your deepest, darkest secrets.

    Check It Out $670
  • Singing Pasta Timer

    Al Dente is the Singing Pasta Timer that floats. This fun little kitchen gadget will sing a different tune when the Pasta is ready at 3, 7, 9, and 11 minutes. Guaranteed to make cooking a lot more fun.

    Check It Out $25
  • Futuristic Bike

    The future is here with the Bandit9 Supermarine futuristic bike. This road-worthy motorbike is a work of art and a feat of engineering. It is a world-class motorcycle that is made from the lightest and toughest materials available.

    Check It Out --
  • Middle Finger Key Hanger

    This attention-grabbing flipping middle finger key holder will all but guarantee that you never leave your keys behind. The moment that you hang your keys on this seemingly inconspicuous key holder, the middle finger shoots straight up.

    Check It Out $10
  • 3D Infinity Mirror

    This 3D Infinity Mirror Table Lamp is an incredibly dope gift for your home or office. With over 1,600 sales this amazing mirror lamp comes with 7 different colors and over 350 light effects.

    Check It Out $129
  • Anti-Lost Handcuffs

    These comfortable, anti-lost handcuffs are perfect for toddlers. They are also great for girlfriends who keep wandering off with strange men or drunk people. Just as long as they have skinny wrists. 

    Check It Out $8
  • Telephoto Zoom Lens

    It might take more than one person to lift the Sigma Telephoto Zoom Lens, otherwise you’ll suffer with some serious back and shoulder injuries. A great lens to take photos of people if they live in different states, or countries.

    Check It Out $25,999
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