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Best Funny Gifts in 2023

Best Funny Gifts in 2023

  • Love Muscle Exerciser

    It’s important to keep the love muscle in shape and this exerciser will do the trick. If you are not completely satisfied you can try some other excuse. They really don’t care.

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  • Dolls Head Candle

    The Dolls Head Candle is a unique gothic candle for lovers of gothic home decor and the macabre. It is an ideal gothic gift for those dark at heart. Adorn your haunted home with this gift that is beautifully peculiar.

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  • Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

    This bacon flavored toothpaste is 4 ounces of tasty goodness for the bacon lover in your life. This bacon toothpaste is meant for laughs but we all know someone who would use this every morning. Really tastes and smells like bacon with a small hint of mint.

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  • Bag of F*cks

    If you have run out of f*cks to give then this bag of f*cks is the perfect gift. Send this sweet reminder to your loved one right to their door or hand them out just like Oprah!

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  • Stress Relief Toy

    Life is stressful, so this Stress Relief Toy will help to de-stress and have a laugh at the same time? Enjoy this hilarious Nice Balls product but don’t keep it to yourself though.

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  • Custom Boxer Shorts

    These Custom Boxer Shorts are a funny and clever way to let others know who your man belongs to. Especially if he has a wandering eye. Hopefully he has a great sense of humor and will always wear these when he’s out with the boys.

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  • Funny Bathroom Sign

    This funny bathroom sign is a great way to give your toilet visitors a giggle. It also lets them know in a humorous way to not to hang around in there. I mean, what could they possibly be doing in there?

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  • Send A Goat

    Send a Goat with this anonymous Goat Mail Service. Everyone knows a goat would be the greatest gift of all time, but caring for a live goat can be challenging and difficult. This is where they come in!

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  • Penis Egg Fryer

    If you want to spice up breakfast time, then grab this Penis Egg Fryer and give your partner a giggle. This non-stick utensil is also great for other food items. The perfect tool for some kinky kitchen cuisine.

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  • Funny Razor Holder

    Bring the fun back to your bathroom with Mr Razor, the funny Razor Holder. Keep the dust off your razor with this cool little guy. He may look like a French version of the Monopoly Man but this cool little guy is serious when it comes men’s grooming!

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  • ‘Sniff My Nuts’ Funny Candle

    This Sniff My Nuts funny candle is just what your mates home needs. Despite its rude title it does have surprisingly delightful aroma.

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  • Orgasmatron 3000

    The Orgasmatron 3000 prototype is a leather clad washing machine and saddle. It aims to bring the fun back to housework. Choose a setting from ‘oh!’ right up to ‘oooooooh!” and then climb on for the ride of your life.

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  • Middle Finger Key Hanger

    This attention-grabbing flipping middle finger key holder will all but guarantee that you never leave your keys behind. The moment that you hang your keys on this seemingly inconspicuous key holder, the middle finger shoots straight up.

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  • Wash Away the Gay Soap

    Reduce gayness by up to 69% with this Wash Away The Gay Soap.  Not yet out of the closet? Have to go back home to mommy and daddy for the weekend and afraid to let your freak flag fly? This extra straight strength soap can help! Gay be gone.

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  • Chicken Nugget Keychain

    This cool keychain is for the man who really, really loves Chicken Nuggets. Tbh, don’t we all love nuggets? This key holder is so realistic that it will make everyone who sees it yearn for the nuggety goodness.

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  • Shotgun Plunger

    The Redneck Shotgun Plunger puts the fun into a nasty toilet task. Not only does this actually plunge but it also makes live shotgun sounds. It even stands on its end ready for duty. This is the ultimate essential funny Redneck gift.

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  • Bungee Jumping Jesus

    Are you religious with a sense of humor? Is your personal Jesus a fun loving Jesus? Are you tired of other religions having fun idols while yours is sad and a bit macabre? Then this Bungee Jumping Jesus is the product for you.

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  • Censorship Glasses

    These Censorship Glasses are perfect for you if you are afraid of finding embarrassing photos of yourself on the Internet? These glasses protect will your face from intrusive pics and mean that you can carry on with your debauchery unafraid.

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  • Public Toilet Survival Kit

    We all know that one person who just will not use a public toilet. This Public Toilet Survival Kit could be the gift that will encourage them to take a chance and enter into the bowels of hell with the rest of us.

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  • Toilet For Two

    The Twodaloo was a Toilet For Two and was actually created and a few were sold many years ago. Unfortunately the company that made this crazy invention didn’t sell enough as they have since shut down, but maybe in the future. Who knows!

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