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Our gifts for guys category is updated daily with cool, funny and unique gift ideas. Whether you are looking for a cool gift idea for your husband, boyfriend, Dad, brother or your male pal we have you covered. more

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Best Gifts For Guys in 2023

  • Deodorant For Life

    This deodorant for life is a game changer!  It is a refillable, reusable, washable deodorant applicator. It comes with a unique, natural ‘powder to liquid’ deodorant that is good for you and the planet. No more plastic waste!

    Check It Out $69
  • Belly Button Brush

    The belly button brush is for the man who has everything. Packaged in a quality box and with quality bristles, everyone will be laughing when he opens and starts to use this funny gift.

    Check It Out $20
  • Personalised Socks For Dad

    These personalised socks for Dad show that socks do not have to suck. Give these to your father and you will not be able to wipe the smile off of his face, and doesn’t he deserve some cool socks? After all he did have to raise you!

    Check It Out $25
  • The Shotgunner

    If you are tired of boring parties, then take it to the next level with the Shotgunner. It won’t take much persuasion to get your party pals to start chugging beers with this cool beer shotgun device. Insert the beers and smash!

    Check It Out $27
  • How to Live with a Huge Penis

    How to Live with a Huge Penis is the first self-help book for men with Oversized Male Genitalia (OMG). Every year, thousands of men are diagnosed with OMG. Sadly, most are banished to the fringes of society, victims of their own freakish length and girth.

    Check It Out $8
  • F*ck Rug

    Classy up your home with the F*ck Rug. One of, if not the, greatest words ever devised. It can convey anger, amazement, joy, sadness and more. Now everytime you look down you have a cool rug that says what you are thinking.

    Check It Out $26
  • Puking Kitty Gravy Boat

    Add some much needed class to dinner time with this Puking Kitty Gravy Boat. Watch as everyone exclaims “ooh la laa”, as you pour your thick gravy over everyone’s food from the mouth of this vomiting cat. Yummy!

    Check It Out $27
  • Survival Gear Kit

    The 11 in 1 survival gear kit is a very cool gift idea for someone who loves the outdoors. Campers, hikers, people who love fishing. This survival kit has everything they would need to get them out of any tricky situation.

    Check It Out $30
  • Motorized Pool Lounger

    Lazing in the pool takes on a new meaning with the Motorized Pool Lounger. No longer will you have to get your hands wet to get to the shady side of the pool. That’s for peasants! Now you can just steer yourself there with the Splash Runner.

    Check It Out $230
  • The Throttle Opener

    The Throttle Opener is a perfect gift for someone who loves beer and bikes. Engineered to last, this bottle opener adds nostalgia and fun to your beer drinking experience. Just twist the throttle, pop that top and enjoy a cold one!

    Check It Out $19
  • The Big Book of Breasts

    Purely for historical purposes, The Big Book of Breasts, is a fascinating look at the origins of mammary madness. In a world where silicone is the norm, these spectacular natural big-breasted women stand as testament that nature knows best.

    Check It Out $50
  • Upside Down Beer Glass

    “Bottoms up” with this cool upside down beer glass. Now you can drink straight out of the bottle with Genuine Fred’s Hopside Down glass. This hand-blown, double-walled glass features a clever inverted bottle design perfect for enjoying a cold one with friends!

    Check It Out $12
  • Brightest Flashlight

    This brightest flashlight has 100,000 lumens which means that it will light up up to 1,350 metres away. Great for camping, caving, exploring, power outages or just to shine a light on your deepest, darkest secrets.

    Check It Out $670
  • Hairy Chest Hoodie

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this funny Hairy Chest Hoodie is the item for you. The hoodie is hairy front and back and people will be doing plenty of double-takes as you strut past, looking all cool and such.

    Check It Out $70
  • Booby Pillow

    The booby pillow could become the breast thing you have ever purchased. Squeeze, touch and cuddle this bountiful pillow to soothe anxiety and give you a wonderful sense of well-being. Comes with 2 covers and a tote bag.

    Check It Out $99
  • These Cards Will Get You Drunk

    Get Ready To Party With The ‘These Cards Will Get You Drunk’ Party Card Game. Super easy to learn. All you do is pick a card and get ready to compete, vote and screw over your friends to get them drunk as quick as possible.

    Check It Out $16
  • The Big Book of Pussy

    The Big Book of Pussy is exactly what you think it is. This book highlights 100 years of photos of the pet that we all love to pet with no bothersome text to interrupt your ‘ahem’ reading. This is an exceptionally insightful book.

    Check It Out $15
  • Transparent Kayak

    This Transparent Kayak is a great gift for couples, or for someone who likes their Canoe to be long. Get to see what is under you as you paddle around the river. Hopefully it won’t just be a shopping trolley.

    Check It Out $2,600
  • Funny Razor Holder

    Bring the fun back to your bathroom with Mr Razor, the funny Razor Holder. Keep the dust off your razor with this cool little guy. He may look like a French version of the Monopoly Man but this cool little guy is serious when it comes men’s grooming!

    Check It Out $18
  • Guitar Amp Key Holder

    Get your rock on every time you head out of the house with this Guitar Amp Key Holder. This licenced Fender key holder is made with real amplifier components and store up to 4 sets of keys. A very cool gift for your home.

    Check It Out $32
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