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Best Unique Gifts in 2023

Best Unique Gifts in 2023

  • Bind Someone Spell Kit

    If you are struggling to get that special someone to commit to you, then try this ‘Bind Someone To You’ Spell Kit. Hand crafted by the witches at Willow Creek, this spell is apparently very effective. Unlike your dating technique.

    Check It Out $22
  • Storm Cloud

    The storm cloud is really beautiful to look at. Special liquid inside this weather cloud crystalizes in different patterns as the air pressure changes. A very cool device to watch for changes in it for the weather.

    View Product $40
  • Exploding Submarine Sculpture

    The incredibly detailed Exploding Submarine Resin Sculpture looks like a frame out of a war movie. As well as looking amazing it also lights up to set the mood for a relaxing movie night. Definitely a talking piece for sure.

    View Product on Etsy $275
  • Mordecai Brown Signed Baseball

    This Mordecai Brown Signed Baseball from the 1920’s is a real collectors piece. Autographed by the ‘three fingers’ maestro himself this fully authenticated ball is worth it’s hefty price tag.

    Check It Out $267,266
  • Witch King Gauntlets

    Take your Lord of The Rings cosplay to the next level with these amazing Witch King Gauntlets. When you wear these you may even become a nearly indestructible, terrifying warrior wraith just like this chief of the Nazgûl.

    View Product on Etsy $160
  • Giant Inflatable Speedboat

    The Giant Inflatable Speedboat is a great alternative for those of us who cannot afford the real thing. Whether you want to chill in it on the river, pool and just in your garden, this gigantic float is perfect. Plus it is big enough for the whole family.

    Check It Out $530
  • Rat Painting

    This cool Rat Painting shows that they have come a long way since spreading the plague. First they were cooking and now they are painting. What’s next? World domination!!

    View Product on Etsy $28
  • Pimple Popper Toy

    Get ready to relieve some stress with this Pimple Popper Toy. When you run your finger over this guy’s face, you find that the black speckling is raised. You won’t be able to resist pulling them out using the tweezers!

    View Product $13
  • Penis Blanket

    What can be said about the Penis Blanket? Yes, it does look like a todger, complete with balls. It is adult sized and well made. It even has a hood. Will it make people laugh? Absolutely!

    View Product $130
  • Backyard Bee Hive

    Harvest your own honey with the backyard bee hive. Made from premium red cedar wood, the Flow Hive 2+ is the award-winning invention that provides a solution for harvesting honey that’s easier for the beekeeper and gentler on the bees.

    Check It Out $969
  • Queen Victoria Bonds

    If you have a spare $250k lying around, then these Queen Victoria Bonds might be a good buy. These uncanceled Bearer Stock certificates for ten shares of $100 pesos) each are extremely rare.

    View Product on Amazon $250,000
  • Tetris Couch

    This clever Tetris Couch is the sofa that can fit into any room. This couch has been handcrafted to look just like multi-colored Tetris pieces. Which gives this clever sofa unlimited potential when it comes to fitting it into a space.

    Check It Out --
  • World’s Largest Sailing Ship

    The Orient Express legend continues with the unveiling of the world’s largest sailing ship. The Orient Express Silenseas. Not set to sail until 2026 this goliath of the sea is revolutionary and the journey will be amazing.

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  • Grow Your Own Coffee

    Real coffee lovers will adore this Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit, especially if they have a green finger. Granted, it may take a while before your harvest your first cup, but the pleasure of knowing that you made it from scratch will be delicious.

    View Product $36
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