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Unique Gifts

  • Zipper Boat

    Japanese artist, Yasuhiro Suzuki, has opened up the sea with the Zipper Boat. It is a boat shaped like a giant zip. As the vessel glides through the water, the wake looks like a zipper coming undone, suggesting the image of the sea opening up.

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  • Outdoor Ping Pong Table

    This Outdoor Ping Pong Table is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to add another level of difficulty to their ping pong games. You might need a big road to ride it on though.

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  • Kinetic Ring Box

    Each Kinetic Ring Box has a single degree of freedom movement which results in a fluid opening motion. This box is unique and will mesmerize even years after introduction. Also comes with an optional custom engraving!

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  • ‘Drive a Tank’ Experience

    Drive a tank and crush cars! Drive this beast and destroy other vehicles beneath its incredible weight with this glorious and empowering tank driving experience! Maybe you would like to drive a tank through a house? Yeh! That’s right. Now we are talking.

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  • Soda Can Launcher

    This Soda Can Cannon is exactly what you think it is. It powerfully launches cans or any other objects that you can fit into it over 100 yards.  Yes, it is a perfectly legit piece of hardware.

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  • Backyard Bee Hive

    Harvest your own honey with the backyard bee hive. Made from premium red cedar wood, the Flow Hive 2+ is the award-winning invention that provides a solution for harvesting honey that’s easier for the beekeeper and gentler on the bees.

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  • Buy The Moon

    Now you can buy the moon. Well, not the whole moon, but a piece of it. You can choose from the historic ‘Sea of Tranquility’ or the magnificent ‘Lake of Dreams’. If you have a budget then ‘The Sea of Vapors’ is perfectly priced.

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