The DopeHamster is a strong supporter of helping those less fortunate which is why EVERY visitor we receive at builds our Charity Pot.

Nov 2022 Donation

Thanks to all of our visitors who earned us a total of 329,365 pts last month. This converted into $329.37 which we donated to our great cause. Thank you. Help us donate even more this month by viewing, saving and sharing our hot posts.

How Can You Help Us Earn DopeHamster Points:

We convert all views and visitors to our website each month into a cash donation. That’s it! The more visitors and page views we receive, the more we can donate.

This Month’s Charity

This month we will be donating our Charity Pot to a great cause that is very close to our heart. Camp Quality is a fantastic charity that supports kids and their families living with Cancer.

Total Points Earned So Far This Month:


we convert every 1,000pts into $1 cash.

Please help us donate as much as we possibly can this month by viewing, saving and sharing our posts to your social accounts, The bigger we grow the more we can help great causes like this. Thank you.