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Home DIY Vasectomy Kit


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The Home Vasectomy Kit is a great gift for the man who is NOT getting the message. Just watch his face as he opens in and let the hilarity begin with this funny prank gift!


Why be limited to a world of just boring plain boxes, bags or wrapping paper. Bring your party and gift giving up to hilarity! Watch the person you give the gift to puzzle then break-out in laughter when they see the real gift inside and then know they have just been pranked.

DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit 2
DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit

The DIY At-Home Self Surgery Vasectomy Kit is one of the funniest gag boxes anywhere! It “Includes*” [*does not actually include]

  • A free bottle of bourbon!
  • A ‘patented’ red scrotum holder!
  • 2 small band-aids
  • A magnifying glass!
  • A stapler
  • Scalpel
  • Shaving razor
  • An ‘easy to read’, 1,441 page “how-to-manual”!


“Never laughed so hard at the recipient’s reaction. She is 6 months pregnant with her 4th child and this was the perfect wrap for her Christmas gift (a maternity sweater) PS: loved the “customer testimonials” on the side…hilarious!”

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DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit

DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit

DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit 1

DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit 1

Home DIY Vasectomy Kit is another hot discovery from the DopeHamster. He scurries around the web everyday to find the best in cool gifts. We currently have 372 dope gifts and everyday we add more! Follow the DopeHamster on Instagram and Pinterest.

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February 1, 2023 - DopeHamster

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