Best Gifts For Girlfriends Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Best Gifts For Girlfriends in 2023

Cool Gift Ideas for Girlfriends That Will Make Them Love You Even More

The Dope Hamster specializes in the best gifts for girlfriends. Everyday we scour the web to look for the coolest gifts to make your lives easier. 

Finding a cool gift for your girlfriend can be an absolute minefield. You may be in danger if you are not thoughtful enough or if you don’t spend enough on a cool gift, especially if it is their birthday. Of course they will be grateful and say thanks, but they will make sure you know to do better next time.

Have a quick look below for just a little selection of our latest cool, funny and unique gift ideas to see if any of these products start to get the brain gears churning around.  

What Kind of Gift Do You To Get Your Girlfriend?

Normally your girlfriend would already have given you lots of hints to help you. Because, let’s face it, we can be pretty rubbish at trying to pick a good pressie. So, before you start to throw cash around on the best gift for her, just ask yourself these questions first:

What is the occasion? Birthday, Valentines, Christmas or just because.

What kind of girl is she? Is she a girly girl or more of a tomboy?

What’s the budget?

Does she like lots of little presents or one big one?  

Just a few queries to ask before you start to delve into a good gift for her. Take a look at some more of our cool gift ideas for girlfriends below:

The Worst Gift Ideas Ever Given

While you are thinking about what gift to get your partner, take a look at some of the worst gifts ever given. Thanks to this post in AskReddit.

One Christmas my mom gave me a rent to own stereo and two weeks later told me that I have to make the payment from now on. I later found out my dad was still giving her the money for the payment and she was pocketing it to buy speed. Good times

“I’ve gotten 3 really awkward gifts

  • When I was 10 my stepdad’s father and mother bought my a bra and panties set for Christmas. Everyone took pictures and laugh as I looked awkwardly in the box. The worst part was they where too big for me.

  • My stepdad’s mother gave me a puberty book for my 13th birthday. On front of the family again. A huge chunk of the book was about sex which was really weird for a book about pre teens but who am I?

  • For Easter my Stepdad gave me a basket with a ton of hair ties. I laughed and asked him if there was a basket mix up, my hair was i very stort at the time. He then told me it’s for when I finally decided to grow out my hair again. Girls just didn’t look as nice with short hair.

All these gifts have photos of me awkwardly holding them in my stepdad’s mother’s family scrap book.”

Even More Terrible Gifts Ever Given

Yikes! If those were fascinating reading, then take a look at more of the worst gifts ever given below:

“A $200 earthing blanket. ‘Earthing specialists’ have stated that when feet touch the earth, they take up healing electrons which fight disease. Wearing shoes ’causes disease like cancer’. Using the earthing blanket allows earth electrons to flow into the body and cure disease. I was told I need my ‘daily dose of Earthing’.

The best part is that it came with a placebo cord and plug. It plugs into the wall but doesn’t generate electricity, connect to the grid, or do anything. I cut it open – there are no wires. It connects a channel to the ‘Earth’ to maximize ‘healing conductivity’.”

“One of my mom’s friends got me a shoebox for Christmas. It was like a decorative “organizing” box apparently… but ya, it was just a fucking shoebox with nothing in it.

Was insanely awkward when I opened it because I immediately told my mom “uhhh there’s nothing in the box”.”

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Now that you have had a good laugh you will surely feel better that there is no way that you will do worse than these.. is there?!

We love funny and unusual gifts for girls here at Dope Hamster. Below you can find even more best gifts for girlfriends that will get your brain thinking:

More Cool Gift Ideas For Girlfriends

Did these best gifts for girlfriends help you? Make sure that you check this post regularly for lots more cool gift ideas. If you have enjoyed this post, then please share it. Every time a visitor views or shares or posts or products it adds cash to our monthly Charity PotThank you!

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