Melon Cube Cutter


Get perfect cubes with this melon cube cutter gadget. All you do is push the slicer tool into a melon and cubes come out automatically. It is so good that you might find yourself buying lots more Melons just to use it.

Watermelon Cube Cutter - Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Melon Cube Cutter

  • PERFECT CUBE SLICES: The melon slicer is designed so that you can cut the perfectly cube shaped slices of melon every time. It’s unique composition allows you to make clean and quick slices in melons without breaking a sweat.
  • SAFE & KID-FRIENDLY: This melon slicer features unique rounded edges and non-sharp blades, making it perfectly safe. All you have to do is use them to push cut the watermelon into cube, and they’ll be perfectly safe, even for children! Never have to worry about accidents.
Melon Cube Cutter

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