Vanessa Angel: Hottest Ever Movie Moments

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Vanessa Angel was born on the 10th November 1966 and you will recognize her from Spies Like Us, Weird Science and Kingpin. Did you know that she was cast as Xena: Warrior Princess, but illness stopped her from being able to fly to New Zealand to start filming. A replacement had to be found quickly in New Zealand and so Lucy Lawless, who was already there, was cast.

Vanessa angel

Here are Vanessa’s hottest ever movie moments:

Kingpin (1996)

Vanessa uses her ‘talents’ to distract other bowlers.

Spies Like Us (1985)

Vanessa plays a soviet officer who is being spied on by a so-called secret agents.

Weird Science (1994-1998)

Vanessa plays the role of Lisa. A computer simulation brought to life by a freak lightning storm.

Kingpin (1994)

Vanessa first meets and tries to distract Ishmael with some cold beers.

Baywatch (1991)

Vanessa plays Megan in this two-part episode from the 2nd season.

Hall Pass (2011)

Fred shows up uninvited at Missy Frankinopoulos’ (Vanessa Angel) house and awkwardly explains his hall pass situation, hoping to use it on her.

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