Kelly Brook Celebrates 14yrs Since Piranha 3D

It has been 14 years since Kelly Brook made her movie debut in Piranha 3D and changed the course of her life. It wasn’t the best of films but everyone remembers Kelly’s contribution.

Kelly Brook Piranha

In her Instagram post, Kelly said, “Happy 13th Birthday Piranha3D!! I got spotted in a Restaurant in Santa Monica and was asked by the Director to audition for this Movie! I was 30 Years old and felt in Hollywood Terms past it! I was actually shipping all my belongings back to the UK. Looking back now I’m so happy I landed the part and agreed to be involved! One of the Best on Set experiences I’ve ever had and led to many more Hollywood Adventures! You never know what’s around the corner.”

Kelly Brook Piranha

We do not remember much about the storyline, but Kelly definitely made an impact. Take a look at the trailer below:

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