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Amazon Deals

Amazon Deals

Cool Gift Ideas

  • Waterproof Seat

    Butt-Be-Dry is the Waterproof Seat that you never thought you needed until now. Have you ever sat down on a wet patch. “Yuck!” is the immediate response. This is where the ‘Butt Be Dry’ comes in.

    View Product on Etsy $20
  • Guess Poo Game

    ‘Guess Poo’ is the game that you didn’t know you needed. Using faeces instead of faces you just use your powers of deduction to flip the toilet lids and eliminate turds one by one, racing against your opponent to find the stinky suspect.

    View Product on Firebox $18
  • Dolls Head Candle

    The Dolls Head Candle is a unique gothic candle for lovers of gothic home decor and the macabre. It is an ideal gothic gift for those dark at heart. Adorn your haunted home with this gift that is beautifully peculiar.

    View Product on Etsy $14
  • The World’s First Foldable TV

    This Foldable TV is the TV of the future and you can get it right now. With a push of a button this TV opens up into a massive 165″ screen. The C SEED M1 foldable MicroLED TV is the Outdoor TV of your dreams.

    View Product Details --
  • Bleeding Skull Candle

    Set the Goth mode in your place with this original Bleeding Skull Candle that bleeds red when the candle melts. It smells like liquorice plus the red glow shimmers just to give it that extra spooky effect.

    View Product on Etsy $28
  • Giant Lobster Claws

    You can pretty much buy anything on the Amazon marketplace, but this Giant Lobster Claws product is at the high end of the WTF list. Our first thought was, “why would a company make these”?

    View Products on Amazon $16
  • Undies for Two

    These undies for two people are great for a bachelorette party of just for the hot couple. A great time will be had by all with a pair of Fundies two person underwear.

    View Product $13
  • ‘I Would Like To Stop Swearing’ Magnet

    Anyone else tried to stop swearing but can’t?  This rude ‘I Would Like To Stop Swearing But I C*nt’ magnet is the perfect gift for that someone who likes a liberal dose of the C word.

    View Product $5
  • The GOAT Trophy

    Reward someone in your life with The GOAT Trophy. Are they the Greatest Of All Time! The best salesman or saleswoman, the best mom or dad, or someone you just think is the best! This is the perfect trophy keepsake for anyone.

    View Product on Etsy $19
  • Stranger Things ‘Vecna’ Mask

    This amazing detailed Stranger Things Vecna mask is for those that take their cosplaying very seriously. Wearing this will get you plenty of looks.

    View Product on Etsy $600
  • ‘Driving Slow In The Fast Lane’ Car Decal

    Do you or your partner hate it when people drive slow in the fast lane? Then this is the car decal for you! Just slap it on and let people know that you are one of the good drivers who loathe these people.

    View Product $8
  • Realistic Fake Spider

    This palm-sized felted realistic fake spider is exactly what you didn’t know you needed! This felted baby spider is a beautiful collectible that will brighten up your home or office décor. Perfect for arachnophobes… not.

    View Product on Etsy $35
  • Juggernaut 6×6

    The Juggernaut 6×6 from Apocalypse is a supercharged 850hp beast. It sits on massive 40-inch tires and boasts a very large and spacious cab big enough to sit a seven-foot-tall person.

    View More $300,000
  • 3D Pop-Up Escape Room

    Solve an immersive, 3D pop-up escape room in a box! He can test his guile, wits and ghost hunting process with the Doomensions 3d Pop-Up Escape Room box.

    View Product $125
  • Thor Axe Stormbreaker

    Enhance your cosplay with this amazing life-size replica of the Thor Axe Stormbreaker. Be warned that it won’t actually summon the Bifrost for you.

    View Product on Etsy $808
  • Outdoor Ping Pong Table

    This Outdoor Ping Pong Table is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to add another level of difficulty to their ping pong games. You might need a big road to ride it on though.

    View Product --
  • Levitating Firestone

    The visually mesmerizing levitating firestone is an amazing combination of nature and physics. It uses bioethanol burning levitation to delight your soul and relax your mind. All products, made of natural marble, demonstrate a unique appearance and unique pattern.

    View Product $169
  • Demogorgon Statue

    Bring a piece of the Upside Down to the real world in the form of this life-size Demogorgon statue. Straight from Stranger Things, this frightening statue stands at over 6 feet tall. Get ready for it to be the main topic of the party.

    View Product on Etsy $8,000
  • Doll Head Planters

    How would you like to bring some green into your home in the creepiest way? These creepy doll head planters will do the trick and also with the added benefit of stopping people visiting you. Win win!

    View Product on Etsy $27
  • 3D Floor Murals

    These amazing 3D floor murals look great and are self-adhesive. They will turn any room in the home into a water fun zone.

    View Product on Etsy $23
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