Kim Kardashian is Getting Rid Of Her Famous Booty

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Kim K is getting rid of her famous backside because she wants to look slimmer. The star recently sparked rumours that she got her filler removed. But an insider has revealed she’s simply stopped getting her Brazilian Bum Lift topped up.

“Kim never had implants – it was a fat transfer into her butt,” says the source. “She had it topped up every so often throughout her marriage to Kanye [West] but now she’s over that look. She’s stopped getting the transfers and letting it decrease naturally as she loses weight. Kanye loved that look but Pete just wants her to be happy and loves her whatever she looks like. She’s gone through a big life change with the divorce and wants a new look to go with her new life.”

What do you think? To celebrate the old booty we have compiled a bootilicious gallery of Kim K’s booty when it was at it’s fullest.

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July 31, 2022 - DopeHamster