The Top 10 YouTubers Who Made $300m This Year

Top 10 YouTubers

The Top 10 YouTubers Who Made $300m This Year
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January 15, 2022 - DopeHamster

The Top 10 YouTubers Who Made $300m This Year

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10. Preston Arsement

Preston Arsement grew his community largely thanks to videos centred around Minecraft, although he runs several channels on the website.

A regular on this list, he earned an estimated $16m (£11m) in 2021 – down a little from the year before, when he placed sixth.

9. Logan Paul

The controversial boxer and vlogger was last in the top 10 in 2017. He earned $18m (£13m) in 2021.

8. Dude Perfect

Comedy pranksters Dude Perfect was number three on the list in 2020. They made $20m (£14m) last year.

7. Ryan Kaji

The world’s most famous toy reviewer has dropped from the top of the tree to number seven.

In 2021, his blend of toy reviews, educational videos and family vlogs helped him earn $27m (£19m).

6. Nastya

The seven-year-old Russian has nearly 90 million subscribers on YouTube.

She started as a toy unboxer but now her vlogs and music videos are growing in popularity and her earnings have risen to $28m (£20m) in 2021.

5. Unspeakable

A new entry, the Minecraft player has been uploading to YouTube for a decade.

He sold the rights to his back catalogue to the business Spotter last year, which contributed to his earnings of $28.5m (£20m).

4. Rhett and Link

A staple of the YouTube highest earning list, the hosts of geek chat show Good Mythical Morning earned $30m (£22m) in 2021.

3. Markiplier

Another regular gaming creator, Markiplier has used his business acumen to make a successful brand of merchandise, earning $38m (£27m) last year.

2. Jake Paul

By branching out into boxing, Jake Paul has found himself back in the top 10. His high-profile fights against UFC stars helped him earn $45m (£32m) in 2021.

It’s some turnaround for the creator who was criticised alongside his bother for some of their vlogs in 2017, which many found to be in poor taste.

With more boxing plans in the pipeline for 2022, it would be no surprise to see him keep his place among YouTube’s elite on next year’s list.

1. MrBeast

YouTube’s top earner is a creator who uses stunts and pranks to delight his audience.

Last year, he recreated elements of Netflix hit Squid Game on his channel, played hide and seek in an 80,000-seater stadium and was buried underground.

His 10 billion views, alongside the MrBeast burger franchise, meant Jimmy Donaldson almost doubled his income in 2021 after ranking second on this list the previous year.


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Top 10 YouTubers

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Top 10 YouTubers

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Top 10 YouTubers


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