Secret Sex Kinks: People Reveal Their WEIRDEST

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Secret Sex Kinks: People Reveal Their WEIRDEST

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Secret Sex Kinks

“I love to wear lingerie (bra, garter belt, stockings, thong) while having sex with my girlfriend, and she loves it as well. Everyone always assumes just because I like to cross-dress that I’m not the dominant one in the bedroom.”

“I’m so incredibly turned on by the thought and act of being tied up and slapped around a little bit. I’ve brought it up with past partners before, but none have followed through with experimenting with me. Hopefully my future partner is all for it!”

“My gf and I were having sex early on in our relationship. I finished maybe a bit too quickly and she pushed my head down and had me eat her out. Weirdly, I really enjoyed it but also felt guilty – like it was dirty.

Sometimes I finish early on purpose after that first time so that she will do the same thing. Never had a girl do that before – so sexy for some reason.”

“Edging. I love the idea of prolonging orgasm, or even setting up a rule where I get brought close to orgasm, but if I break the arbitrary rule (e.g., making any noise), then it stops and we have to start over. Unfortunately, in my experience, no man exists who has the patience or skill for this, so it lives in my fantasies and nowhere else.”

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