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  • Giving Up Action Figure

    The man giving up on life is another funny adult action figure from Death By Toys. Their toys are definitely not pc and people may get very offended. But if you have a great sense of humor then you will love them.

    View Product $100
  • NSFW Action Figures

    Dan Polydoris is the creator of ‘Death By Toys’. He specializes in offensive but always hilarious action figures, tees and lunch box products. If you have a GSOH then check out some of his funniest NSFW toys.

    View More NSFW Toys $40
  • ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Collectible

    If you need to send your condolences but can’t do it in person, then send this 100% genuine Thoughts and Prayers collectible set. It will be like you actually care, even if you don’t.

    Check It Out $30
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