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  • Telephoto Zoom Lens

    It might take more than one person to lift the Sigma Telephoto Zoom Lens, otherwise you’ll suffer with some serious back and shoulder injuries. A great lens to take photos of people if they live in different states, or countries.

    Check It Out $25,999.00
  • Giant Swiss Army Knife

    You do not hold the this Giant Swiss Army Knife Giant, it holds you. Not in the creepy uncle way but in the loving mother way. This amazing giant device can do pretty much anything, except your taxes.

    Check It Out $9,999.99
  • Juggernaut 6×6

    The Juggernaut 6×6 from Apocalypse is a supercharged 850hp beast. It sits on massive 40-inch tires and boasts a very large and spacious cab big enough to sit a seven-foot-tall person.

    View More $300,000.00
  • Buy an Island

    If money is no object, then maybe buy an island. Harbor Island in New York State is a great example of what you can buy and comes complete with a 3 bedroom home. Check this out and lots more islands around the world that you can buy.

    View Product $2,685,000.00
  • Wall Printer

    Stop painting wall murals and start printing them with this cool Vertical Wall Printer. A perfect tool if you fancy some cool 3D art for your wall at home or at your business and have a few grand spare.

    Check It Out $16,995.00
  • GOAT Charm Pendant

    Do you know someone who is so amazing that they would deserve this GOAT Charm Pendant? A 19k gift to show someone how much they mean to you.

    Check It Out $19,663.69
  • Mordecai Brown Signed Baseball

    This Mordecai Brown Signed Baseball from the 1920’s is a real collectors piece. Autographed by the ‘three fingers’ maestro himself this fully authenticated ball is worth it’s hefty price tag.

    Check It Out $267,265.99
  • 1884 American Silver Dollar

    Costing more than most homes this 1884 American Silver Dollar is extremely rare. Previous auctions for similar coins have gone over double the asking price, so this is perfect if you are looking for a good investment and have a spare million lying around.

    View Product on Amazon $1,099,995.00
  • Daum Crystal Vase

    Add a touch of class to your home with this Daum Crystal Vase. You may have to sell a kidney to buy it but this gorgeous grey blue horse magnum vase will certainly have people talking.

    View Product on Amazon $111,380.00
  • 1931 Original Dracula Poster

    An accidental buyer of this 1931 Original Dracula Poster starring Bela Lugosi now lives under a bridge. They gave a nephew their phone to play with and he bought this poster with one click buying!

    View Product on Amazon $249,999.00
  • 56ct Black Diamond

    Do you love your partner or spouse enough to get them this 56ct Black Diamond? This beautiful gem is extremely rare and probably in the top 10 of largest Natural Gem Quality Black Diamonds in the entire world.

    View Product on Amazon $253,530.00
  • Michael Jordan Autographed Card

    This basketball card, autographed by Michael Jordan is almost universally regarded as the most important Michael Jordan rookie card ever produced.  MJ forced collectors to shift their spending dollars away from baseball and into basketball cards.

    View Product on Amazon $99,999.99
  • Queen Victoria Bonds

    If you have a spare $250k lying around, then these Queen Victoria Bonds might be a good buy. These uncanceled Bearer Stock certificates for ten shares of $100 pesos) each are extremely rare.

    View Product on Amazon $250,000.00
  • Cal Ripken Jr. Signed Jersey

    The Cal Ripken Jr. signed Jersey from 1981 is a real collectors piece. This piece of sports history is definitely not to be worn outside unless you love taking risks and you have found an insurer to cover the $890k price tag.

    View Product on Amazon $890,908.99
  • World’s Most Expensive Home

    The Holme in Regents Park, London is the World’s Most Expensive Home and it is for sale.  The 205-year-old mega-mansion is located on the lake. It comprises of 40 bedrooms and 29,000 square feet of living space.

    Check It Out $300,000,000.00
  • Futuristic Bike

    The future is here with the Bandit9 Supermarine futuristic bike. This road-worthy motorbike is a work of art and a feat of engineering. It is a world-class motorcycle that is made from the lightest and toughest materials available.

    Check It Out --
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