• XL personal flamethrower
    Cool Gadgets

    XL18 Flamethrower

    Designed to launch flames over 100ft, the XL18 is world’s most powerful personal flamethrower. It’s an epic solution for the jobs that require maximum firepower! Just remember, with great firepower comes great responsibility.

  • Wrist Fireshooter - Unique Gifts For Geeks
    Cool Gadgets

    Wrist Fireshooter

    The mini wrist fireshooter device magically shoots fireballs from empty hands and is a real crowd pleaser. This is a badass adult magic device that allows you to launch real fire from your open palm.

  • Personal Tabletop Fire Pit
    Cool Gadgets

    Personal Tabletop Fire Pit

    This personal tabletop fire pit is for the man who values the vibe of a gift as much as its usefulness. There is no better vibing than watching a flame dance while roasting marshmallows on it.

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