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  • Hot Sauce Challenge

    Is your man a bit of a spicy psycho? Then this hot sauce challenge will certainly test his taste buds. Be prepared though! You will need plenty of milk and some towels to mop up the sweat.

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  • Lightsaber Chopsticks

    Now he can pretend that he is Luke or Darth at dinner time with these cool Lightsaber Chopsticks. A perfect cool gift for guys who loves Star Wars and asian food. Be warned, he will make the swish noise every time he eats with them.

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  • Lemon Slice Squeezer

    Why settle with seeds and splashing when you can squeeze the clean way with this Lemon Slice Squeezer? The Birdie Juicer is an elegant and stylish way to make mealtimes a lot more interesting.

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  • Saucemoto Dip Clip

    With the Saucemoto Dip Clip car sauce holder he can finally dip responsibly. He can enjoy every sauce soaked nuggie to the fullest with this in-car sauce holder for ketchup and dipping sauces.

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  • Singing Pasta Timer

    Al Dente is the Singing Pasta Timer that floats. This fun little kitchen gadget will sing a different tune when the Pasta is ready at 3, 7, 9, and 11 minutes. Guaranteed to make cooking a lot more fun.

    Check It Out $25
  • The Cob Quicky

    The Cob Quicky™️ is hands down the easiest way to butter your corn on the cob. With our latest offering, grab yourself a fresh stick of butter go to town on your cob. Are you a righty or lefty?

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  • Finger Chopsticks

    The Finger Chopsticks are for you if you are fed up with dirty and sticky fingers when eating your snacks. Now you can touch your phone and computer without having to rub off Doritos and Cheetos dust.

    Check It Out $10
  • French Fries Holder for Car

    This french fries holder for the car means that now you can keep your hands free and enjoy fries with ketchup without making any mess. You will be the envy of your friends.

    View Product on Amazon $9
  • Custom Takeout Dice

    Take the stress away with takeaway decision and just these Custom Takeout Dice. Now you can let fate decide what food you will get. Whether it is Pizza, Burgers or Tacos. You decide what items you want on the dice and just roll away.

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  • Crazy Soda Flavor’s

    How daring is your man? How about Bacon soda daring? Now he can try that outrageous taste and more crazy soda flavors with this sampler selection pack from Lester.

    View Product on Amazon $20
  • Crab Spoon Holder

    Red the Crab Spoon Holder is one of those cool gadgets that once you use you will be amazed how useful it actually is. This is a great gift idea for someone who loves their kitchen and cooking.

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  • Vintage McDonalds Toys

    As expected, the smart people kept their Vintage McDonalds Toys knowing that they would be a goldmine in the future. Take a look at these Happy Meal toys and see how many you remember.

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  • Italian Lasagna Flavored Cricket Snacks

    Italian Lasagna Flavored Cricket snacks are fun and they taste great, apparently! Everybody gets a kick out of eating crickets and crickets as food makes sense because of the serious health and environmental benefits.

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  • Gracula Garlic Crusher

    Add this fun Gracula Garlic Crusher gadget to your kitchen. Press, crush and mince in seconds. He will crush garlic, ginger, nuts, chilli and more! Nothing can stop this undead garlic slaying vampire.

    View Product on Amazon $23
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