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Life is short so there is no need to spend it being miserable when you can enjoy the funny side of life. That is why the DopeHamster and his team love any funny gift ideas that tickle our funny bones. If the product makes us giggle, smirk or full-on laugh out loud, then you will find it here.

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  • Fear Pong

    Things will definitely get messy with Fear Pong. This card game is an unholy combination of beer pong and truth or dare. This is the party game that’s guaranteed to make you do something you never thought you would.

    Check It Out $30
  • Giant Wine Glass

    When it’s been a hard day, this giant wine glass is just what you need. Just top it up with your favorite Wine or Champagne. Get in a hot bath and forget that the day ever happened. Ah, bliss!

    Check It Out $80
  • Funny Leggings

    Look hot and give a giggle with these funny leggings for women. From emoji prints to Piggies to Avocados, work up a sweat on your next run or Gym workout and get a lot more attention and smiles.

    Check It Out $16
  • Goth Bath Bombs

    Now you can bathe in the darkness with these charcoal goth bath bombs. They will turn your bath water as dark as your mood. Perfect for wallowing in your sorrows, but also to soothe and relax your muscles.

    Check It Out $10
  • Belly Button Brush

    The belly button brush is for the man who has everything. Packaged in a quality box and with quality bristles, everyone will be laughing when he opens and starts to use this funny gift.

    Check It Out $20
  • Laptop Pants

    These huge laptop pants may make your butt look big, but they’ll certainly make your life easier. These cool jeans feature one huge back pocket that stretches across the entire bum. Now you can pack all your essentials for an entire day.

    Check It Out --
  • Shotgun Plunger

    The Redneck Shotgun Plunger puts the fun into a nasty toilet task. Not only does this actually plunge but it also makes live shotgun sounds. It even stands on its end ready for duty. This is the ultimate essential funny Redneck gift.

    Check It Out $20
  • Wash Away the Gay Soap

    Reduce gayness by up to 69% with this Wash Away The Gay Soap.  Not yet out of the closet? Have to go back home to mommy and daddy for the weekend and afraid to let your freak flag fly? This extra straight strength soap can help! Gay be gone.

    Check It Out $10
  • Jizz The Game

    Games night will never be the same again after you play Jizz The Game. It is exactly what you think it is. Just fill the balls up with your substance of choice. Spin the dial to see how many pumps and where to aim it and then pump away.

    Check It Out $24
  • Penis Wine Decanter

    Take your classy dinner party to the next level with this Penis Wine Decanter. Just fill it with your favorite alcoholic drink of choice and then watch your guests faces as you fill up their glasses. Perfect for wine, whiskey or any liquor of your choice.

    Check It Out $75
  • The Napsack

    Now you can take a nap anytime and anywhere with the Napsack. It is a perfect environment for a peaceful sleep, so slip on your private oasis and grab your forty winks anywhere you are.

    Check It Out $9
  • McLovin Wine Bottle Opener

    This McLovin Wine Bottle Opener is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life that has a great sense of humor. McLovin’ the Muscle Man is always on hand to screw the corks! This is the 70s chap that never tires of screwing – wine corks that is!

    Check It Out $10
  • ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Collectible

    If you need to send your condolences but can’t do it in person, then send this 100% genuine Thoughts and Prayers collectible set. It will be like you actually care, even if you don’t.

    Check It Out $30
  • Unneutered Cat Plushy

    The first thing that you may notice with this unneutered cat plushy is that the cat’s furry trouble nuggets are quite prominent. Maybe it is a good luck thing in Asia but the kitty cojones are apparently quite soft and plush.

    Check It Out $23
  • Bird Toothpick Dispenser

    Add some fun to your kitchen with these cool Bird Toothpick Dispensers. Fill up the box and push down their heads for them to automatically grab a toothpick in their beak for you.

    Check It Out $10
  • Bartender PlayKit For Kids

    The Bartender PlayKit For Kids is a great gift because it can set the little tikes up for an amazing career in the alcohol industry. Let’s face it, the drinks industry is going nowhere so get them learning early.

    Check It Out $8
  • What’s Your Poo Telling You?

    We all know someone who has overly active fascination with their poo. From how many times they go in a day to the color and consistency of it. The ‘What’s Your Poo Telling You?’ book is the perfect gift for these weirdos.

    Check It Out $6
  • Singing Pasta Timer

    Al Dente is the Singing Pasta Timer that floats. This fun little kitchen gadget will sing a different tune when the Pasta is ready at 3, 7, 9, and 11 minutes. Guaranteed to make cooking a lot more fun.

    Check It Out $25
  • Middle Finger Key Hanger

    This attention-grabbing flipping middle finger key holder will all but guarantee that you never leave your keys behind. The moment that you hang your keys on this seemingly inconspicuous key holder, the middle finger shoots straight up.

    Check It Out $10
  • Hairy Chest Hoodie

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this funny Hairy Chest Hoodie is the item for you. The hoodie is hairy front and back and people will be doing plenty of double-takes as you strut past, looking all cool and such.

    Check It Out $70
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