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    Fandy Is The Gamer That You’ll Want To Play With

    Fandy is a Twitch broadcaster and social media influencer who is known for streaming content from World of Warcraft. Born on November 18, 1992 in the USA, her real name is Cady Hoffman and she has amassed more than 220,000 followers on the platform.

  • R Rated Scenes That Were Cut From Popular Video Games

    R-Rated Scenes That Were Cut From Popular Video Games

    There are times when video game designers try and get r-rated scenes into the end product. Here are a number of video game edits, both reasonable and ridiculous, that had to be cut from popular video games.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, accidentally caused a massive stir that led to the game becoming a hot topic of debate in the US Congress. Shortly after launch, hidden code in the game was uncovered with a mod called “Hot Coffee”. It gave players access to a very rude and NSFW scene mini-game that wasn’t intended to be playable in the final release. Australia outright banned the game and it initially received an Adults Only (AO) rating in the United States, causing many retailers to drop the game.

    Want to know more games that had r-rated scenes that were cut? Then click the button below:


    Live Streamers That Accidentally Leaked Personal Info

    Most streamers are very careful not to reveal their personal information online. Unfortunately these popular live streamers accidentally revealed personal info which trolls took full advantage of.

  • Atari console
    Retro Gifts

    Atari 2600 Console

    The Atari 2600 Console was the first video gaming system that brought video games from the arcade into the home. If you were a kid in the early 1980s you just had to have a 2600 and the latest games.

  • Giant Nintendo Switch
    Gifts For Geeks

    World’s Largest Nintendo Switch

    You cannot actually buy the World’s Largest Nintendo Switch but it is a very cool product. Watch as the casual engineer creates the biggest playable Switch gaming console ever for a Children’s Hospital.

  • MuTalk - Unique Gifts For Geeks
    Cool Gadgets

    Voice Suppression Microphone

    MuTalk is the voice suppression microphone that we have all been waiting for. It is a soundproof Bluetooth microphone that makes it difficult for others to hear your voice and also makes it difficult for ambient noise to enter the microphone.

  • Super Nintendo NES Classic
    Cool Gadgets

    Nintendo NES Classic Edition

    Go back in time with this retro Super Nintendo NES Classic Edition video game console. Pre-loaded with 21 classic games such as Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Kart and more.

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