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Amazon Deals

Amazon Deals


  • Black Toilet Paper

    Buying Black Toilet Paper either means that you are uber classy or that you are afraid to see what you are putting out. Dubbed the ‘sexiest toilet paper on Earth’ it does look cool though. It will certainly have visitors to your powder room wondering why.

    Check It Out $21
  • Shotgun Plunger

    The Redneck Shotgun Plunger puts the fun into a nasty toilet task. Not only does this actually plunge but it also makes live shotgun sounds. It even stands on its end ready for duty. This is the ultimate essential funny Redneck gift.

    Check It Out $20
  • F*ck Rug

    Classy up your home with the F*ck Rug. One of, if not the, greatest words ever devised. It can convey anger, amazement, joy, sadness and more. Now everytime you look down you have a cool rug that says what you are thinking.

    Check It Out $26
  • World’s Most Expensive Home

    The Holme in Regents Park, London is the World’s Most Expensive Home and it is for sale.  The 205-year-old mega-mansion is located on the lake. It comprises of 40 bedrooms and 29,000 square feet of living space.

    Check It Out $300,000,000
  • Wall Printer

    Stop painting wall murals and start printing them with this cool Vertical Wall Printer. A perfect tool if you fancy some cool 3D art for your wall at home or at your business and have a few grand spare.

    Check It Out $16,995
  • Tetris Couch

    This clever Tetris Couch is the sofa that can fit into any room. This couch has been handcrafted to look just like multi-colored Tetris pieces. Which gives this clever sofa unlimited potential when it comes to fitting it into a space.

    Check It Out --
  • Singing Pasta Timer

    Al Dente is the Singing Pasta Timer that floats. This fun little kitchen gadget will sing a different tune when the Pasta is ready at 3, 7, 9, and 11 minutes. Guaranteed to make cooking a lot more fun.

    Check It Out $25
  • 3D Infinity Mirror

    This 3D Infinity Mirror Table Lamp is an incredibly dope gift for your home or office. With over 1,600 sales this amazing mirror lamp comes with 7 different colors and over 350 light effects.

    Check It Out $129
  • Daum Crystal Vase

    Add a touch of class to your home with this Daum Crystal Vase. You may have to sell a kidney to buy it but this gorgeous grey blue horse magnum vase will certainly have people talking.

    View Product on Amazon $111,380
  • Rules for Not Giving a F*ck

    Sometimes we all need a reminder of the ‘Rules for not giving a F*ck’.  This hilarious bit by Billy Connolly is a great printable to hang onto a wall. It just gives that daily nudge that sometimes we need to not care so much.

    View Product on Etsy $7
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