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Amazon Deals


  • Motorized Pool Lounger

    Lazing in the pool takes on a new meaning with the Motorized Pool Lounger. No longer will you have to get your hands wet to get to the shady side of the pool. That’s for peasants! Now you can just steer yourself there with the Splash Runner.

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  • Giant Inflatable Speedboat

    The Giant Inflatable Speedboat is a great alternative for those of us who cannot afford the real thing. Whether you want to chill in it on the river, pool and just in your garden, this gigantic float is perfect. Plus it is big enough for the whole family.

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  • Lilo for Busty Girls

    Finally, now women can comfortably sunbathe on their fronts with this lilo for busty girls. It has room for her boobs so that she can lounge and sunbathe in ultimate comfort on the beach or in the garden.

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