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Amazon Deals

Amazon Deals


  • Belly Button Brush

    The belly button brush is for the man who has everything. Packaged in a quality box and with quality bristles, everyone will be laughing when he opens and starts to use this funny gift.

    Check It Out $20
  • The Napsack

    Now you can take a nap anytime and anywhere with the Napsack. It is a perfect environment for a peaceful sleep, so slip on your private oasis and grab your forty winks anywhere you are.

    Check It Out $9
  • Bartender PlayKit For Kids

    The Bartender PlayKit For Kids is a great gift because it can set the little tikes up for an amazing career in the alcohol industry. Let’s face it, the drinks industry is going nowhere so get them learning early.

    Check It Out $8
  • Public Toilet Survival Kit

    We all know that one person who just will not use a public toilet. This Public Toilet Survival Kit could be the gift that will encourage them to take a chance and enter into the bowels of hell with the rest of us.

    View Product on Amazon $8
  • Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

    This bacon flavored toothpaste is 4 ounces of tasty goodness for the bacon lover in your life. This bacon toothpaste is meant for laughs but we all know someone who would use this every morning. Really tastes and smells like bacon with a small hint of mint.

    View Product on Amazon $10
  • Toilet Timer

    Fed up with your man or work colleague spending too much time on the toilet? Then this hugely popular Toilet Timer as seen on Shark Tank is the perfect gift to give him a quick reminder to get back to work.. or back to helping you.

    View Product on Amazon $15
  • 3D Beer Belly Fanny Pack

    The man in your life will discover a whole new meaning to the phrase “dad bod” with this funny 3D beer belly fanny pack. This is very spacious, with a small inner zipper pocket for keys, cards, money, phone or anything you like to secure inside.

    View Product on Amazon $15
  • Home DIY Vasectomy Kit

    The Home Vasectomy Kit is a great gift for the man who is NOT getting the message. Just watch his face as he opens in and let the hilarity begin with this funny prank gift!

    View Product on Amazon $16
  • Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

    The Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb is the perfect prank gift to give to you friends or family. How will you know when they have received it? Don’t worry! They will let you know straight away.

    View Product on Etsy $20
  • Beeping Prank Device

    This Beeping Prank Device beeps for 3 Years and is the ultimate gag gift or for revenge prank device. Simply activate the noise maker and hide it. It will beep, screech, or make a cricket sound at random intervals of 5 to 45 minutes.

    View Product on Amazon $16
  • Bloody Bath Mat

    The neighborhood wizard finally finished weaving his magical fabric for this bloody bath mat. Created under a blood moon in a frenzy of song and dance as this unbelievable mat changed colors when wet. A magical gift!

    View Product on Amazon $19
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