The Crow: Interesting, Weird and Spooky Facts

The Crow was a 1994 film about a man who was brought back from the dead to avenge the murder of his fiancée. Starring Brandon Lee, who was killed in an on-set accident just days before the film was scheduled to wrap, the movie was marred by tragedy. Here are some interesting, strange and downright spooky facts that you may not know about this cult classic.

The Crow
The director, Alex Proyas, said that Brandon Lee was unhappy with the way his face paint looked when the makeup department applied it to him before shooting. Lee and Proyas then agreed that it would look best if Lee applied his own makeup every night before going to bed so that when he woke up his face paint would naturally look more worn out.
The Crow Shelly Webster
The “For Brandon and Eliza” dedication at the start of the end credits was for Brandon Lee, who was accidentally killed in the production of this movie, and his fiancé Eliza Hutton who supported Alex Proyas’ decision to complete the movie.
The Crow
Originally, Funboy (Michael Massee) was not supposed to fire a gun at Brandon Lee’s character (which ultimately led to Lee’s death). It was changed at the last minute by director Alex Proyas.
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Even though the movie, based on the comic, is called ‘The Crow’, none of the birds used in the film were actually crows. All of them were in fact ravens, which are much larger than crows and have a longer, more impressive beak.
The Crow
There were several accidents that befell the production crew, leading to a widespread belief that the film was cursed. A carpenter suffered serious burns on his upper body during the first day of filming; a manual worker had a screwdriver get embedded in his hand; an equipment truck burst into flames; a stuntman broke several ribs after falling through a roof; a rigger was horribly electrocuted; a disgruntled set sculptor went berserk and drove his car through the props room destroying it; and a hurricane destroyed several of the sets.
The Crow
River Phoenix and Christian Slater turned down the role of Eric Draven.
The Crow Eric Draven
Prior to filming, Brandon Lee had somewhat of a morbid fascination with death, he would often drive around in a hearse he owned, visit famous graves, and would listen to The Doors.

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