The Perfect Female Body Every Decade For 100 Years

As society changed over the last 100 years then the idea of the perfect female body also changed. Here are images of what society deemed as a perfect woman every decade since 1920.

In the 1920s, curves were gone, and people were in favor of a small busts and hips. This look is streamlined and petite, and the ideal woman was often much shorter than the tall 1910s look. The focus also moved to women’s legs, as shorter hemlines of flapper dresses put them on display. Women also cut their long hair to shoulder-length as the bob became fashionable.
The 1930’s. This decade has longer hemlines but a more fitted silhouette of clothing. The desire for a waist and a slightly more curvy figure returned. Now there is a focus on a strong waistline, and the return of a desire for stronger shoulders, busts, and hips. Women were supposed to have a more “feminine” shape, as fashion emphasized a more romantic look.

The 1940’s. This is the era of boxy, broad shoulders. In this era, the aim was for a taller, more commanding look. This went with the angular fashion styles and aimed for a more long-limbed and squarer body shape. Fashion became more practical and less focused on glamour.
The 1950s was a time that valued voluptuous, hourglass figures. The “perfect” body in this era was all curves — a small waist and a large bust and hips. There were even weight-gain supplements that women were advised to take to increase their curves!

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