True Facts That Prove Being Redheaded Is Better

Science has shown that redheaded people really may be the better people. These true facts will surprise you along with some gorgeous famous redheads to help you swallow them down.

Christina Hendricks

True Redhead Fact #1

People with red hair actually have a higher pain tolerance on average than others. Doctors are also usually advised to give them around 20% more anesthesia than they would normally administer to the average patient due to the pain tolerance.

Isla Fisher

True Redhead Fact #2

Redheads have been thought of as being funnier than most people. This was probably due to the fact that most of the first circus clowns in the U.S. would wear red wigs.

Blake Lively

Redheaded people have more sex. Research has shown that redheads had intercourse about once per week more than the average person.

Amy Adams

True Redhead Fact #3

Redheads are more sensitive to temperature changes. According to The Guardian, the same gene that causes red hair is thought to “over-activate” the gene that detects temperature changes.

Emma Stone

True Redhead Fact #4

Redheads take a lot longer to go gray than other hair colors. Usually, red hair just loses some of its luster as a person ages. Their hair fades until it becomes copper and then a blonde color, then it slowly turns gray, if it turns a different color at all.

Karen Gillan

True Redhead Fact #5

Redheaded people are popular with advertisers. With only 2% roughly having red hair, nearly 30% of tv commercials contain a redhead.

Jessica Chastain

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