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Best Unique Gifts in 2023

Best Unique Gifts in 2023

  • Bind Someone Spell Kit

    If you are struggling to get that special someone to commit to you, then try this ‘Bind Someone To You’ Spell Kit. Hand crafted by the witches at Willow Creek, this spell is apparently very effective. Unlike your dating technique.

    Check It Out $22
  • Table Top Coin Pusher

    The Coin Pusher is now available at home 24/7 with this table top version. Bring the fun of the arcade into your games room, man cave or shed. Comes complete with coins and prizes.

    View Product $695
  • Giant Inflatable Speedboat

    The Giant Inflatable Speedboat is a great alternative for those of us who cannot afford the real thing. Whether you want to chill in it on the river, pool and just in your garden, this gigantic float is perfect. Plus it is big enough for the whole family.

    Check It Out $530
  • Buy The Moon

    Now you can buy the moon. Well, not the whole moon, but a piece of it. You can choose from the historic ‘Sea of Tranquility’ or the magnificent ‘Lake of Dreams’. If you have a budget then ‘The Sea of Vapors’ is perfectly priced.

    View Product $19
  • 3D Airless Basketball

    The future is here with this 3D airless basketball. Created by Wilson it is a prototype at the moment but many are saying that this ball could be could well change the future of the game.

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  • Toilet For Two

    The Twodaloo was a Toilet For Two and was actually created and a few were sold many years ago. Unfortunately the company that made this crazy invention didn’t sell enough as they have since shut down, but maybe in the future. Who knows!

    Follow Us On Pinterest $1,400
  • Real Spiders

    These real spiders are apparently a very good gift for arachnophobes. Or not good for them at all. We forget. Regardless, a selection of these creepy crawlies would be a surprising gift to receive.

    View Product on Etsy $10
  • Personalised Celebrity Message

    Don’t buy him socks and pants! Blow his mind this year by getting him a personalised message from his favorite celebrity. Snoop Dog, Ice-T or maybe someone from Breaking Bad? The cameos are endless.

    View Product on Cameo $10
  • 1931 Original Dracula Poster

    An accidental buyer of this 1931 Original Dracula Poster starring Bela Lugosi now lives under a bridge. They gave a nephew their phone to play with and he bought this poster with one click buying!

    View Product on Amazon $249,999
  • 56ct Black Diamond

    Do you love your partner or spouse enough to get them this 56ct Black Diamond? This beautiful gem is extremely rare and probably in the top 10 of largest Natural Gem Quality Black Diamonds in the entire world.

    View Product on Amazon $253,530
  • Giant Swiss Army Knife

    You do not hold the this Giant Swiss Army Knife Giant, it holds you. Not in the creepy uncle way but in the loving mother way. This amazing giant device can do pretty much anything, except your taxes.

    Check It Out $10,000
  • Wall Horror Hands

    These Wall Horror Hands will help turn your hallway into a fright fest. Can you imagine the frights that these scary hands will bring plus all the souls that they could trap.

    View Product on Etsy $10
  • Chocolate Poop

    Chocolate Poop looks so disgusting but it tastes so good. Can be sent anonymously to a friend or your worst enemy. Hand made with milk or dark chocolate. Have a taste and you’ll never look at normal poop the same ever again.

    Check It Out $15
  • Grow Your Own Coffee

    Real coffee lovers will adore this Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit, especially if they have a green finger. Granted, it may take a while before your harvest your first cup, but the pleasure of knowing that you made it from scratch will be delicious.

    View Product $36
  • Owl Poo Dissection Kit

    Before you go “eww”, this Owl Poo Dissection Kit is actually fun and educational. The owl pellets are a great way to learn about nature and these birds of prey. This amazing kit comes with all the tools needed to dissect and study the owl poo.

    View Product on Amazon $60
  • Military Crocs

    These military crocs are the ultimate in comfy footwear. The bespoke classic all-terrain croc comes in military green and of course no-one in your platoon will take the mickey if you wear these. You will look so cool.

    View Product $219
  • Buy an Island

    If money is no object, then maybe buy an island. Harbor Island in New York State is a great example of what you can buy and comes complete with a 3 bedroom home. Check this out and lots more islands around the world that you can buy.

    View Product $2,685,000
  • Soda Can Launcher

    This Soda Can Cannon is exactly what you think it is. It powerfully launches cans or any other objects that you can fit into it over 100 yards.  Yes, it is a perfectly legit piece of hardware.

    View Product $300
  • Send A Goat

    Send a Goat with this anonymous Goat Mail Service. Everyone knows a goat would be the greatest gift of all time, but caring for a live goat can be challenging and difficult. This is where they come in!

    View Product $26
  • Witch King Gauntlets

    Take your Lord of The Rings cosplay to the next level with these amazing Witch King Gauntlets. When you wear these you may even become a nearly indestructible, terrifying warrior wraith just like this chief of the Nazgûl.

    View Product on Etsy $160
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