The Downfall Of These Celebrities Was Swift and Brutal


Everyone loves some good celeb gossip, but these famous people screwed up so big time that their downfall was quick and hard. They ruined their entire careers in no time flat. From major scandals to tragic incidents, these once cream-of-the-crop celebrities managed to do everything perfectly to end their careers.

Downfall Of Celebrities.

Conor McGregor

He wasn’t everyone’s superstar. Ask people from Ireland and they’ll tell you they hate his guts. Still, while he was a controversial and cantankerous figure, he was mostly inoffensive on his meteoric rise. If you thought of combat sports from 2015 to 2017, you thought of the name Conor McGregor. All that box office success drove him to a matchup with Floyd Mayweather. Months of back-and-forth trash talk as Conor was known for but as the talk progressed it felt like Conor was losing a step. It seemed like all the wit and charm he had on the rise was eroding. Then came the fight, and it was the usual spectacle of a Conor performance, but Floyd destroyed his aura of being untouchable.

He flew halfway around the world to throw a dolly at the bus of his rival Khabib with a pack of Irish gangsters. The glass from the window the dolly smashed injured several fighters in that bus. He was arrested but got off easy. Money. The Khabib fight was the biggest in his career. Two years of layoff, returning to face an unstoppable juggernaut. The press conferences were packed with vitriol and pure bile rather than the typical tongue-in-cheek charm. It was uncharacteristic – or rather, it was the mask coming off at last. He got humiliated badly, and everything went wild. Cocaine. Sexual assault scandals, whether true or not. Alcohol. He started his own whiskey brand. Apparently, it’s garbage, but don’t take it from me. Take it from the old man he sucker punched in a bar for refusing to drink it.

Downfall Of Celebrities..

Whitney Houston

I suspect many people here were either not alive or too young to remember how insanely big Houston was. She was literally the biggest female artist in the world and one of the biggest artists, and this was before social media. She holds the record for having 7 consecutive number-one singles on the Billboard Top 100, record sales of over 200 million, and a host of awards including 28 Guinness World Records.

The only other artist that could stand shoulder to shoulder with Whitney in regard to success would be Michael Jackson. However, between 2000 – 2005 her entire career and life completely disintegrated. Her marriage to Bobby Brown, her addiction to crack, and the car crash that was her own reality TV show utterly destroyed her career. We have never seen somebody who arguably was the world’s biggest artist fall so hard and fast as Whitney Houston.

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