First Dates That Started Well But Went Downhill Fast


Most of us have some dating horror stories but these first dates that started off well will have you open-mouthed. Show your best side on the first few dates with someone is normal protocol, but these people seemed to skip that step. On the plus side, these people definitely dodged a bullet.

“We had some playful banter before our date and he asked me about my kinks so I told him I liked being choked. When we met up in the parking lot, dude immediately puts me in a WWE chokehold in broad daylight presumably thinking my panties were gonna drop right then and there.”

“I was on a date with a newly divorced woman. We were having a nice dinner and getting to know each other before it turned awkward. She didn’t tell me she had kids until we were eating dinner, and she began moving things way too fast, talking about me meeting her kids right away, moving in together, etc. This was on our first date, and I didn’t want to be anybody’s step parent, much less get U-Hauly so quickly.”

“Everything was going wonderfully until he got into a fight with a homeless person and then wanted to fly to the Caribbean for our second date.'”

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