The Dumbest Things A Doctor Has Ever Said


From comical to tragic, people are sharing the dumbest things that a doctor has ever told them. Shared medical mishaps where they decided to trust their intuition and it ended up paying off.

“Way back in the day, around 1995, I was 16 and had *really* low blood pressure. And I mean like 88/40. I was also about 20 pounds overweight. My genius of a doctor told me “You’re fat. No-one’s going to date you while you look like that.” I was beyond shocked. I’d had various doctors with obviously varying bedside manners over the years. This jack*ss took the cake. His brilliant solution to my weight issue and bp issue? Smoking. That’s right. In 1995, a doctor TOLD.ME.TO.SMOKE. So instead of losing 20 pounds and smoking, I got rid of about 180 pounds of idiot doctor.”

“After a motorcycle accident my doctor recommended the amputation of my right foot, claiming that I would never regain feeling in it, and it would be a bother for the rest of my life, I decided not to and see how it went, two years later, severe itching started, one year later, all feeling came back. 40 years later I’m still able to do everything, although it does still hurt a little when it’s starting to rain.”


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