The Sassiest Characters In TV History


From Karen Walker to Titus Andromedon, these sassy characters from TV history are known for bringing the heat. They’re not afraid to speak their mind. Even if it means offending everyone around them.

Sassiest Characters In TV History
Karen Walker is kind of a loose cannon on Will & Grace. She isn’t shy about saying what she’s thinking and is very vocal when she doesn’t care for something – even when it’s just something Grace is wearing. She also commands any room she walks into. She is sass personified!
Samantha Jones
Each main character from Sex and the City has their role, and Samantha Jones is definitely the sassy one! She uses that sass to make the cattiest of comments when out with her friends, which comes from her experience and wisdom that is hidden underneath all the sass.
Deandra Reynolds
Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has sass, but it’s out of sheer survival. She hangs out with the four worst people in Philly who constantly verbally abuse her. She has developed her sass through that abuse, but she never really gives it back to the guys in the gang. She tends to take any aggression out on nice people who don’t deserve it. With that said, she’s incredibly funny when she starts dishing out the sass.
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