These Popular Celebrities Were Awful People in Real Life


People are calling out dead popular celebrities that we treated like saints but were awful people in real life. While it seems like every day a new celebrity is cancelled, there are many stories of celebrities who did truly crappy things and are still memorialized as saintly. While some may be surprising to you while others’ reputations have always been hinted at with whispers and anonymous accounts.

John Lennon

John Lennon

“It’s probably come up time and again, but John Lennon was not a nice man. His son grew to despise him enough to tell Paul McCartney that he wished Paul was his father.”

These Popular Celebrities Were Awful People in Real Life


“I’ve worked for Prince and it’s a not-so-hidden secret he was absolutely awful to work with. There used to be a saying ‘you’re nobody in this industry until you’ve been fired by prince.’ He’s a legend for sure but was awful to those who put the show on, and his ego was out of control. And when it came down to it, he died from an OD, so for someone who was so quick to fire anyone over a simple mistake and he so critical of weakness, it turns out he had some hidden weaknesses of his own.”

These Popular Celebrities Were Awful People in Real Life. 

Paul Walker

“I hate saying it because outside of this incident he actually seemed like a good guy. But on two occasions, Paul Walker dated 16-year-old girls. Once when he was 28, and again when he was 32. This was all while he had a young daughter of his own. The age of consent in California is 18, meaning if he did anything sexual with them, he could’ve been charged and indicted on statutory rape. I guess being a predator is ok, though, if you’re really good-looking.”

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