• Poo Warning Sign
    Funny Gifts

    Poo Warning Sign

    This hilarious ‘Satisfying Poo’ warning sign is the perfect gag gift for friends and co-workers who love to cause a stink. Perfectly sized to fit on a desk, this is a hilarious toilet humour gag gift for co-workers.

  • Chocolate Toothpaste
    Unique Gifts

    Chocolate Toothpaste

    A Mom and Pediatric Dentist knew how difficult it was to get her children to brush their teeth, so she created Chocolate Toothpaste. It is a great tasting and effective toothpaste that will get kids to brush their teeth.

  • Dinosaur Toilet Roll Holder
    Funny Gifts

    Dinosaur Toilet Roll Holder

    Brighten up your bathroom with this cool Dinosaur toilet roll holder. No need to worry about being eaten by a T-Rex or Velociraptor! Now you can just enjoy being handed a piece of 3 ply toilet paper for your derriere.

  • Spring Ear Wax Cleaner
    Gifts For Girls

    Spring Ear Wax Cleaner

    Thoroughly clean and massage your ear canal with this spring wax ear cleaner. The reusable ear cleaner is designed with a spiral head which can be rotated 360 degrees at will. The flexible spiral head easily fits into your ear canal.

  • Funny Razor Holder - Funny Gift Idea - Cool Gift Ideas For Men - Funny Gifts For Husband
    Cool Gadgets

    Funny Razor Holder

    Bring the fun back to your bathroom with Mr Razor, the funny Razor Holder. Keep the dust off your razor with this cool little guy. He may look like a French version of the Monopoly Man but this cool little guy is serious when it comes men’s grooming!

  • Funny Bathroom Sign
    Funny Gifts

    Funny Bathroom Sign

    This funny bathroom sign is a great way to give your toilet visitors a giggle. It also lets them know in a humorous way to not to hang around in there. I mean, what could they possibly be doing in there?

  • Bacon Flavored Toothpaste - Unique Gifts For Guys
    Funny Gifts

    Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

    This bacon flavored toothpaste is 4 ounces of tasty goodness for the bacon lover in your life. This bacon toothpaste is meant for laughs but we all know someone who would use this every morning. Really tastes and smells like bacon with a small hint of mint.

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