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Poseable Silicone Hands


There are so many uses for these poseable silicone hands. From placing items like your jewellery onto or for just freaking out your friends, they are a fun time waiting to be had.

Poseable Silicone Hands

Poseable Silicone Hands

  • Fingers are pose-able and hold the poses they are placed in very well. They have a strong aluminum wire Armature.
  • 100% silicone, this hand is very realistic and highly detailed.
  • Silicone is non toxic.
  • Wash with dish detergent.
  • Can be used for display for rings, gloves. Circumference at the base of the ring finger is about 60mm.
  • Resin base is about 1 inch wide.
  • Not tested for use as a tattoo practice hand, but I am told some people use them for this.
  • They are approximately 8 inches tall, 4.5 inches across and 2.5 inches deep.
  • Not recommended for nail art practice
Poseable Silicone Hands

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