The Awful Way That These Workers Died on the Job


If you’re a morbid little gremlin, then this post about the awful ways that these workers died whilst they were at work will interest you.

“A worker at one of my construction sites got flattened by a precast concrete wall, after it fell from the third floor.

Everyone who saw it just froze in place, except one elderly worker who ran around screaming “Don’t call anybody!! Did he have a helmet on?!?”

Nobody answered him, so he got the crane worker to lift the concrete wall slightly and threw a helmet under the wall before ordering the wall to be lowered again.

He did it to make sure that the insurance would payout the full amount to the poor guys family.

Edit to respond to some questions:

The older guy took a look when the wall was lifted to check for a helmet and tossed a helmet in when he couldn’t see any.

I live in Denmark, and I’m not sure how the insurance work completely in these situations but, the dead guys own life insurance would probably cover this accident, the company has an extra insurance to help their workers out, such as if you breake your leg, the company insurance can help you to a private hospital and some rehabilitation. That ekstra insurance can be quite strict, that’s why they made sure it looked like he had his helmet on.

And YES, the guy definitely died instantly. No helmet can save your life from an 8-9 metric ton concrete wall falling from 12m height.”

“God this makes me think of how my mother ended up quitting her job. She worked in QA for a company that made various types of gas masks. People (including her bosses) would always try and get her to cut corners, but she was a stickler for safety and didn’t want to be responsible for any getting hurt if a mask failed.

There was an incident where a few firemen died using the masks made by this company. They had gone into a burning building to try and rescue people inside, and the masks failed and they suffocated due to smoke inhalation. They traced back the production, and the masks came from my mother’s factory, but she wasn’t the one who signed off on them.

After a few days the investigation came back and the company was found not liable on a technicality. The masks were designated as “escape masks”, and since the firemen were using them to go into a building, not to escape from a building, it was deemed they were using them wrong and therefore the company wasn’t liable.

My mother’s manager came into her office after learning the news. He was rubbing his hands with glee and said with a huge grin on his face, “We got away with it!”

My mother quit on the spot.”


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