Tiny Handcuff Key


The TIHK HK2 Handcuff Key is the tiny key that you can use to escape an unlawful detainment. This inconspicuous and lightweight tool can be secured under your belt for just when the time is right.

Tiny Handcuff Key - Cool Gadgets

Tiny Handcuff Key

  • Integrated Clip. An integral clip keeps the product attached to your belt loop or other parts of your clothing. The HK2 adds two small teeth within the clip area to further improve staying power.
  • Inconspicuous. The textured surface, black material, and stealthy contours help it to avoid detection.
  • Minuscule Size. This tiny tool only measures 0.8” (20.3mm) long by 0.28” (7.1mm) tall and 0.16” (4mm) thick.
  • Lightweight. It barely moves the scale to 0.01 ounce (0.25g) — you certainly won’t notice its there.
  • Universal. The universal handcuff key portion is sized to address the common Peerless style handcuff lock produced by many different manufacturers.
Tiny Handcuff Key

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