Unnecessary Inventions

  • The Cob Quicky - Funny Gag Gifts For Men
    Funny Gifts

    The Cob Quicky

    The Cob Quicky™️ is hands down the easiest way to butter your corn on the cob. With our latest offering, grab yourself a fresh stick of butter go to town on your cob. Are you a righty or lefty?

  • The Snacker Timer
    Cool Gadgets

    The Snacker Timer™️

    The Snacker Timer™️ is the trap door snack bowl that will randomly lock your snacks away. As you enjoy your movie you will be able to slowly enjoy your snacks as you never know exactly when the door will open or close.

  • jewel cooler
    Funny Gifts

    The Jewel Cooler

    The Jewel Cooler is the first car vent accessory for staying fresh and cold between your legs while driving around on a hot summer day, Crank up the fan speed and live your best life feeling crisp all summer long!

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