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These Original Girls of Baywatch Owned The 90’s

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If you were around in the 90’s then you would have known all of the original girls of Baywatch. The incredibly popular TV show that we all watched for the… ahem, storyline. Here are all of the original girls. How many do you remember?

Pamela Anderson as C J Parker

Pamela Anderson as C.J. Parker: Pamela Anderson played the role of C.J. Parker, one of the most iconic characters on the show. She portrayed a lifeguard known for her beauty and compassion. Her character became highly popular and is often associated with the series.

Erika Eleniak as Shauni McClain

Erika Eleniak as Shauni McClain: Erika Eleniak played the role of Shauni McClain, a young and inexperienced lifeguard who starts her career on the beaches of Los Angeles County. Her character went through personal and professional growth throughout the series.

Nicole Eggert as Summer Quinn

Nicole Eggert as Summer Quinn: Nicole Eggert portrayed Summer Quinn, another lifeguard who joined the team later in the series. Summer was known for her athleticism and strong-willed personality.

Alexandra Paul as Stephanie Holden

Alexandra Paul as Stephanie Holden: Alexandra Paul played the character of Stephanie Holden, a skilled and confident lifeguard who served as a mentor to the newer members of the team.

As the show grew in popularity and the cast changed, there were even more gorgeous girls who gained fame from this iconic show, including:

Carmen Electra as Lani McKenzie
Carmen Electra as Lani McKenzie
Traci Bingham as Jordan Tate
Traci Bingham as Jordan Tate

Brooke Burns as Jessie Owens
Brooke Burns as Jessie Owens
Donna D'Errico as Donna Marco
Donna D’Errico as Donna Marco
Mitzi Kapture as Alex Ryker
Mitzi Kapture as Alex Ryker
Gena Lee Nolin as Neely Capshaw
Gena Lee Nolin as Neely Capshaw

What was Baywatch?

“Baywatch” was a popular American television series that originally aired from 1989 to 1999. The show was created by Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, and Gregory J. Bonann. It primarily focused on the lives and adventures of a group of lifeguards who worked on the beaches of Los Angeles County, California. The lifeguards were responsible for rescuing people from the water, providing first aid, and maintaining beach safety.

Baywatch cast

The show gained immense popularity due to its mix of action, drama, and a touch of humor. It’s perhaps best known for its iconic slow-motion running scenes featuring attractive lifeguards in swimsuits. “Baywatch” also helped launch the careers of several of its cast members, including David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, and Carmen Electra.

Baywatch girls

The series ran for a total of 11 seasons and became one of the most-watched TV shows globally. In addition to its original run, “Baywatch” also spawned spin-offs, TV movies, and a successful brand. It had a significant cultural impact and remains a recognizable and nostalgic part of television history.


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