What Everybody Gets Wrong About ‘Falling Down’


Falling Down came out in 1993 and was a commercial success. Many people seemed to miss the important part about this hit movie. That it was not a vigilante movie, but the main character was actually a bad guy who was blaming the world for not getting what he wanted.

falling down

Falling Down starred Michael Douglas (D-Fens), as an unemployed and divorced engineer. The film follow his increasing frustration that leads him to act out violently and commit several crimes as he walks across Los Angeles.


A fan on this Reddit post started off a conversation about this movie with the headline, “I love the movie Falling Down (1993), but a lot of people don’t understand it.”.

falling down

This led to the realisation for many people that D-Fens is actually the bad guy. In the third act he even asks the question, “I’m the bad guy! How did that happen?”


As one of the commentor’s said, “In a weird way, I think Falling Down is prophetic, in the way it depicts how men who are missing validation or intimacy in their lives tend to lash out and blame the rest of the world for their problems. Honestly, its one of the few movies (similar to Fight Club) that deals with the ideals and expectations men are raised with, and the identity crisis, sense of entitlement, and outrage that arises when those expectations go unfulfilled”.

falling down

The post makes for an interesting read, so click here to see what others thought of this movie.

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