The Process Of Making Vape Pens Leaves People Shocked


The release of a video uncovering the process of making vape pens has sent shockwaves throughout the community. The video provides a detailed glimpse into the manufacturing process, showcasing the intricate computer-aided design of vape labels and packaging, bulk wiring, and meticulous electrical testing.

Process Of Making Vape Pens.

While the production line diligently assembles the devices and encases them, one specific moment in the video has deeply unsettled viewers and motivated them to sever their connection with the product.

In a critical scene captured on camera, a factory worker is seen attaching the mouthpiece to the disposable vapes without wearing gloves. This seemingly innocuous action has left many viewers disturbed, raising questions about the hygiene practices employed during the production process.

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Questionable Hygiene Practices With The Process Of Making Vape Pens

Social media platforms have become a breeding ground for discussions, with users expressing their aversion to having strangers’ fingerprints on the vape tips and voicing concerns about potential contamination from the constant release of grease from human hands. The absence of gloves during this crucial step has become a focal point for those disillusioned with disposable vapes.

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