Woman Has 43 Surgeries To Look Like Barbie


A woman has spent thousands on cosmetic surgery in her quest to look like the iconic plastic Barbie doll. She has spoken out after online critics called her ‘Devil Barbie’ and a ‘Zombie’.

Dalia Naeem

Dalia Naeem is an actress and tv presenter and she has seen her popularity explode since she started the surgeries. Dalia has said she wants to look like a ‘real-life Barbie’.

Dalia Naeem

She has revealed her latest doll-like face, showing off her blonde locks, tiny nose, oversized lips, and bushy eyebrows. It is thought to have undergone procedures such as lip filler and breast enlargement surgery.

Dalia Naeem

She has previously shared photos of her face before any surgeries, revealing an almost completely different person in appearance. Click here to see more.


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